Meet Hunter & Seneca


It all started when...

Seneca got an idea and talked Hunter into going along with it! 

We are a sister team located in the quaint town of Montrose, PA. Five years ago, we started photographing weddings together and we saw a need for a professional quality, FUN photo booth to entertain guests. It all came together on a business trip to Georgia in 2015 and just a few months later, Confetti Photo Booth was born. Growing up, Hunter & Seneca were complete opposites, Seneca was a girly girl & Hunter was a tomboy but as we got older, we have become best friends and now business partners. 

Hunter is the organized, quiet one. She is the one that keeps the day to day things going, handles billing and makes sure we don't say yes to too many crazy ideas! In her free time she enjoys being outside with family & friends, playing or watching ice hockey, and makes some of the best homemade pizza around. 

Seneca is the one you will talk to when you email us, she is always full of ideas and could talk about weddings all day. She loves getting to know each client and being able to customize our Photo Booth to their event. If she's not at a wedding or editing wedding photos, she can be found in the garden, eating cookie dough or laughing with family & friends. 

Together, our goal is to provide a quality photo booth to each one of our clients and bring the fun to the party! The guests love the photo booth and we strive to make it as easy as possible for you so you can enjoy the party too! 

We photograph weddings together at Photography by Seneca & offer a special deal when we get to do both together!