This isn’t like the cramped little photo booth you and your friends struggle to squeeze into at your local shopping mall—it’s a luxury experience that adds fun, laughter, and embarrassing evidence of duckface poses to your event! We’ll set up an hour before the start of the time that you’ve paid for, making sure that everything is perfect. This is how your booth experience will likely go—but remember, you can customize your package to get the most out of the experience with a wealth of luxury add-ons and upgrades. In the end, it’s about making the best experience for you and your guests!

A customizable, ultramodern, open-air style Photo Booth that creates studio-quality images with the tap of a screen. Designed by professional photographers and operated by a member of our team, Confetti Photo Booth is sleek and modern in design and uses a digital SLR camera and professional-studio lighting to produce crisp images.


Not every venue has the most flattering walls. Let us provide one of our awesome standard backdrops to cover up that mystery stain, or have one custom designed just for your event! Along with our awesome prop set, you’ll have all the ingredients for a great photo—just grab your friends and head for the booth.


Your Booth Attendant is there to help make your photo booth experience go as smoothly as possible, while still making sure that you and your guests are having fun! They can help you with any questions or issues that you have, manage the booth, and even represent your brand identity at corporate events.

SMILE! :) 

Step into the photo booth, grab some props, have some fun, say cheese, strike three poses, and let your fun side out to make some memories you’ll want to treasure forever. Or, you know, just make a duckface and call it a day. It’s your picture, so make it personal, make it special, and make it unforgettable!


If you like to have a physical product you can hold in your hands, don’t worry. Each guest receives a free print for them to take home and show their friends. We also provide access to an online gallery and optional USB drives of the night’s photo booth pictures for your convenience. 

Customization Options 

Sleek Open Air Concept 

Our professional camera and lighting equipment is housed in a modern, clean tower that will look great at any event! 

Awesome Backdrops

Whether you're looking for a simple black or a sparkly gold, we've got you covered with our unique backdrops! 



Sweet Props 

We have an array of fun props to bring out the silly side of even the most serious guest! If you're having a special themed event, we'd love to work with you to create custom props!